jurassic business park

Jurisdictionally, how secure is my data when it is stored in the cloud? With major cloud providers including American giants Amazon and Google, how can I be sure that media reports such as those highlighted by so-called Wikileaks’ Edward Snowdon are not going to happen to my data?

The omnipotence and seeming impunity of the all-seeing US intelligence community has been the subject of many commentaries so it is little wonder that companies may be reluctant to put all their eggs in one US-owned cloud company if they feel that operator is going to share it with cold war operatives in the CIA in the name of patriotism and duty.

Likewise, on a more pedestrian, micro-economic level what of companies that want to off load their data into the cloud, but are technically inhinited by prehistoric bandwidth issues. In a recent Federation of Small Business Survey, 95% of those polled put broadband issues at the top of their priority list because of the UK’s poor provision of superfast connectivity. Many SMEs are forced to work on so-called ‘jurassic business parks’ where staff have been known to go home to download files because it is faster than working in the office?

This situation could provide both a threat and an opportunity for cloud providers who an offer cost-effective data storage in business-grade broadband environments far from the gates of Jurassic Park for a fraction of the price of storing it on servers that also might be impacted by poor service – and therefore face the threat of their own extinction.

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